drop ship guide

About Drop Ship Programs

Drop shipping programs are essentially distribution programs. The people who run the programs are, for the most part, distributors they buy large amounts of product and put them in a fulfillment warehouse. Then they sell those products to you.



Dropship programs are an easy way to find products that you can dropship. They look very good because they are easy to get into.

But there are some downsides to using a dropship program.

For one thing, you will be selling the same products that many other people are selling. You are stepping in to competition with all the other people that have joined that drop shipping program.

That is a mistake because what you want to do is to get into a focused niche where you can get your website to the stop top of the search engines.

Also, you may not be getting the best prices. In some cases, people have found that they actually pay a full retail price when they buy from some drop shipping programs.

We recommend strongly that you read the information about what products should I sell on my website. That information will show you the importance of competition and how to avoid it. That paper will put drop shipping programs in perspective for you.

Case Study On How To Choose A Product (This is a .pdf file. It will open on your computer. You will need the free adobe reader that you can get here.) Just save the file to your computer for later reference, if you wish.

As an end note, we say then joining a drop shipping program is probably the last thing that you should do in setting up your business that uses the drop ship model of order fulfillment.

To be fair, so that you can do your own evaluation and come to your own decision, here is a very popular drop shipping program for eBay.