drop ship guide

About Drop Shipping Scams

This page discusses how to avoid drop shipping scams. And, in general, that means educating yourself as to what a drop shipping scam is.



Generally, that which people call a scam is not a scam. They scammed themselves!

The companies that provide information, products or services deliver what they say. If they did not, they would not be online. They are quite up front with what they offer. Since they offer services on the internet, they are subject to criminal wire fraud prosecution.

So they are careful to deliver what they say and they are careful to have their terms of use and disclosure pages available.

The problem occurs when people jump in without having done their homework.

They don't do research.

They get all excited about the prospects of making millions of dollars per minute.

They don't read the disclosure pages.

They don't understand how easy it is to set up.

They don't understand that a drop shipping business should cost about $10 per month. And an ecommerce store less than $50 per month.

They throw money at expensive web sites and programs thinking that it will compensate for their lack of knowledge about marketing.

They don't understand how important product research is.

They don't understand how much work it takes to properly plan a site and marketing program.

They throw money at get rich quick schemes.

They make the classic mistakes See Ten Drop Shipping Mistakes

And when they fail, they say they were scammed.

In truth, fools rush in where angels fear to tread. They did it to themselves.

Before you get into something that you end up thinking is a scam, do your homework.

Read. Learn.

You are going to get an education. The expensive way or the cheap way.

The cheap way is to read the tutorials and buy some books.

The expensive way it is to rush into business without a full researched plan.

Read and watch the tutorial information in this site and read the Drop Ship Guide.