drop ship guide

About Drop Shipping And Its Advantages

Big business understands that it is not the ownership of capital that is important. It is the use of capital. Drop shipping is all about the use of capital and not the ownership.



When a business owns something, it has money tied up in that ownership that it could use for other things. So it rents and works on credit lines. It uses other peoples' money.

When you set up a dropshipping business you set up a business that uses other peoples' money.

The other people buy product, put it in a warehouse, hire people to run the warehouse and do the shipping. They tie up a lot of money that you would have had to if you bought the inventory yourself. And they spend a lot of time managing the entire operation that you would have to spend on managing an inventory.

So as a drop shipper, you can simply focus on marketing and promotion.

If you do it right, you can make thousands of dollars per week without having any employees at all.

And making that kind of money without employees is not a pipe dream. There are many people doing it as drop shippers.

The startup costs of drop shipping are rather low so if you are considering starting a business on the internet, drop shipping should be your first choice.

In this web site we give you a lot of information about getting started.

For much more information, read the Drop Shipping Guide.