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All Flash And No Cash Drop Shipping

This is the symptom of a classic mistake made by drop shippers which mistake leads to failure. And that mistake is thinking that spending money on technology and web design will offset marketing needs.



It is like spending a lot of money on clothes, getting dressed up and sitting in the corner. You aren't going to find anything unless you go out and get in front of people.

If you are selling something on the web, you are a marketer.

If you are not a marketer, you will not be selling on the web very long.

Do what marketers do.


use formats that are proven converters.

use formats that take into consideration the visitors eyes - their visual acuity and eye scan patterns.

use formats that use traditional colors - white background, with red, black and blue letters, borders, etc.

use formats made to focus visitors on information rather than wasting time on eye candy.

recognize that web designers make money designing web sites and they make more money designing complex sites than simple ones.

often use templates because they don't waste money on web design that they can use for marketing. ( Go here for some very important information about using templates and how they can benefit you. The Converter

Let us look at an example of a eCommerce megastore and a no nonsense eStore.

Look at Amazon as an example of an eCommerce megastore. Go there now for a prime example of simplicity for a megastore. Note the colors, the quick presentation of a product, no non productive eye candy, and easy checkout on the right and the no nonsense presentation of products.

Look at for an example of a simple, money making eStore that gives away a free form and makes good money just on adsense advertising. Job Description Form . Read about how something like that is done at The Converter.



How Does This Apply To You?

If you are new to drop shipping, cut your teeth with an eStore rather than an eCommerce store. Use it to learn marketing. Information is at eStore

If you have a web site that is not profitable now, read through the information in all the links, step back, and layout a new marketing plan. That plan should show you what changes you have to make in your site, if any.



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