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What Drop Shipping Source Directories Are Best?

There are two general types of directories that you can use to find sources of products to drop ship.

One is the directories of exhibitors at trade and gift shows.

The other is the online drop shipping source directories.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

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The advantages of trade and gift shows are that you can see, touch and feel plus establish a personal relationship with the supplier.

You can spend a lot of time with the manufacturer and get all your questions answered as well a pick up an entire resource package.

On the downside, your selection of suppliers may be limited as compared to the online drop ship directories.

Online directories will have a much larger selection of suppliers. You can find hundreds of thousands of companies that offer drop shipping.

There are several well maintained directories that you can buy online. Each offers something a little different. For your convenience, we review each of the directories in our free drop shipping course.

How do you make the decision as what type drop ship source directory to use

Acutally you should have one of the online directories in your business library. You will find yourself continually using it as a reference tool to check prices and what the competition is doing.

Such a directory is a basic tool that you will use in doing your market research.

And even if you are going to go to a trade show, you should check prices in an online directory before you go to the show. It will help you look more prepared and professional when you talk personally and directly to suppliers.

And as you develop your drop shipping business, you will work back and forth between various directories and forms of directories as you set up your multiple lines of income.


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