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What Is The Most Profitable Product To Drop Ship?

The best profits from drop shipping probably a product that you can sell using an automatic drop ship system.



The reason your profit is the best is that a drop ship product that sells automatically and is delivered automatically is probably the least expensive for you to support. With less expenses, you are likely to have a higher net profit.

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By that I mean that your fixed and variable expenses such as accounting, phone bills, promotion costs and your cost of time are lower when you use an automated system.

In the end you have to look at the dollars per hour you put into your pocket. Why work as a drop shipper if you spend all your time only making a couple dollars per hour?

What products can you sell automatically?

We cover product selection and automation of sales in other videos in our series and in the Drop Ship Guide. But here are a few comments.

Just look at Amazon. Anything you see there you can have drop shipped and you can do it automatically.

There are people who make a very comfortable living by using the process described in the Amazon Formula. You can read about it and get your own copy by clicking on this link. The Amazon Formula.

That is just one example.

But you might ask, "At Amazon you only make about a 10% commission on a sale whereas you can make 50% and more on others?"

It all comes down to picking a market segment and picking a particular product to satisfy what the people want.

That is a straightforward process.

If you follow the process you might find that you can make a good hourly profit selling a most obscure product.

And that is the important number.

Don't waste your time. Look for a product that you can either automate and create multiple streams of income that make money for you while you are asleep, or find one with a high enough profit margin that pays to you spend the extra time to get personally involved.

In the beginning it might be best for you to use an automated system so that you can focus on refining your marketing efforts. Once you can assure yourself of a good flow of customers, then look at something else.

But then, once you see how automated systems work, you may not want to change.


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