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Definition Of Order Fulfillment Service

An order fulfillment service is a service that puts your products in their warehouse and drop ships them to your customers for you. It becomes your outsource warehousing and shipping department.

order fulfillment service

Products get delivered to your customers without you having to worry about storing and caring for inventory.

The order fulfillment services also tend to provide services that you might not such as online inventory checks for your ecommerce store customers.

Owning your own warehouse, staffing it, and administrating it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. It also requires a substantial amount of startup cost and risk. Your company will also be required to pay for that cost whether or not the space is fully occupied.

Outsourcing your order fulfillment is much cost effective. Outsourcing your warehousing allows you to switch fixed cost into variable costs. You only pay for what you use. And it allows you to grow at your own pace without having to make large capital investments or hiring additional people..




Additionally using an order fulfillment service allows you to focus on marketing. And that is most important.

The focus on marketing is something that makes the difference between success and failure in a web business.

Every web business is all about marketing and promotion. The first step in planning any business is to plan the process of outsourcing order fulfillment.

That is no different than what mail order catalog companies have done for years. Model the masters. Do what they have found successful.

We recommend strongly that your read about the order fulfillment service provided by Amazon FBA.