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Definition Of Order Fulfillment

The definition of order fulfillment is the definition of a process. After a sale, the customers order has to be delivered The order must be fulfilled.

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What is involved in order fulfillment?

The order fulfillment process sounds easy in the sense that you get an order and you have it shipped to the customer.

But behind that you have to remember that to fulfill an order you have to the product in inventory. That takes a capital investment.

And then you have to have an inventory tracking system of some form so that you know what you have on hand. That takes some form of computer program or a detailed manual system.

And in some cases you might have to have the ability for a customer to track what you have in inventory or you have to be able to respond to a customer immediately by phone that you so many units on hand or in the product is on backorder and when it will be available for delivery.





You also have to have some restocking procedure. You have to know when to order or restock and that takes some form computer program capable of predicting your inventory levels based on sales levels.

You have to have packing materials that include, quite possibly, several types of boxes, bubble wrap, various tapes, stickers, a printer is and so on.

You have to have some arrangements with a shipping service to pick up and deliver. And your packing procedures set to comply with the shipping services requirements to get your product shipped without breakage.

Then you have to have some ability to track inventory

So order fulfillment is not that easy. There's a lot more to order fulfillment that just getting an order and shipping. It is a an exacting and sometimes difficult process.

Many people outsource order fulfillment. They use in order fulfillment service. Information about in order fulfillment service and what that does is at this link Order Fulfillment Services.

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