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Drop Ship Company Prices

Why Are Prices Higher From Drop Ship Companies?

You pay higher prices because, as a drop shipper, you are buying one at a time. And that costs money that is passed onto you by the drop ship companies.



Remember that you drop ship to avoid the costs of warehousing of inventory. But the drop ship companies do not.

They have the costs of handling on product reciept which includes unloading and shelving.

They have to pay rent for storage space plus pay for all the shelving and inventory tracking systems.

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They made investment in inventory that you did not. So they need to get a base return on that investment

They have costs to maintain warehouse ready to ship which costs include employees, cleaning, insurance and so on.

Then they must make a profit.

So you will not get the same price as you would were you to buy a bulk lost directly from a manufacturer. You price wil be higher.

In spite of this most drop ship companies are honest and give you a fair price.

But there are some that take advantage of the unprepared.

You have to be careful so that you do not end up paying retail or beyond.

People get trapped into this by falling for sales presentations about all sorts of extra benefits.

This is where a drop ship directory can be very important. You can check prices.

Be sure to review our reviews of the various drop ship directories that are available to you.


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