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Drop Ship Guide Table Of Contents

This is a copy of the table of contents for the Sixth Edition of the Drop Ship Guide.

About The Drop Ship Guide Edition Six

Includes those important administrative items such as information about the Author, Copyright, Limits of Liability, Compensation Disclosure and Results Disclaimer.

Starting Your Drop Shipping Business A – Z Preparation And Background

Gives you information about the book itself, how it is organized, what the book can do for you, how to use it, drop shipping strategies you can use, what drop shipping can do for you, how to proceed, words of caution on how to avoid scams and other traps, the benefits to you of multiple streams of income, and how to make them benefit you. And finally there is a prelude to the lessons.

The Basics Of Drop Shipping

Understanding the process, the costs, the uses, the methods, the suppliers, the problems, and how to position yourself to not get scammed.


Planning is where you make the money. Contains guidance on how to avoid the competition, how you make money in the drop shipping business, how much money you can make if you do it right, how others do it right, what suppliers you can use to beat the competition, defining your niche, laying out your business model, a review of mistakes that you do not want to make, and putting it all to plan so that you do what you want to do – make money.

Finding Products And Suppliers

How to choose a supplier, questions you should ask of your suppliers, where to look for product, recommended suppliers, and ways to find suppliers so that you have unique products. This section in reality answers the questions “What should I sell?” and “What can I sell?”

Preparing Your Online Presence

Discusses Content Management Systems (CMS), online stores, hosting considerations, image considerations, the basic steps needed to get various forms of websites online, content considerations, Yahoo stores, Amazon Stores, your website plan, planning for visitors, what should be in a commercial website, and creating an online presence that will convert visitors to sales.

Getting Customers

How to calculate how many visitors you need to be profitable, website design for customer acquisition and conversion to sales, basic marketing, and you marketing and advertising plans.

Website Plans and Business Planning Aids

This section of the Drop Ship Guide contains specific information related to completing your business plan and step by step procedures that you can use top get your business online.

A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing

About doing what you have to do and how to set yourself up so that you do it safely. In essence it is a defense strategy for anyone who is about to start doing business on the web.

Drop Shipping Strategies

In an attempt to get you to focus and define your niche very narrowly, this section reviews various drop ship strategies.

Review Of eCommerce Stores

For those who want to go forward with an eCommerce store rather than a WordPress content management system, here is a review of some stores that many people consider using.

Technical Aspects Of Getting Your Business Online

A technical review of what you have to do to get a WordPress Content Management System, Amazon Store and Yahoo Store online.

Business Planning Guide For Internet Businesses

A no frills approach to writing a business plan for an internet based business. This business planning guide is very simple and straightforward. It takes you step-by-step through the research and shows you how to set your business up on paper before you spend money and squander the one resource that you can never replace - and that is your time. The business planning guide is written specifically for the person who wishes to run an Internet-based business, part or full time, from a home or laptop Computer anywhere in the world.

Profit And Loss Projections

How to make a profit and loss statement that will project whether your business will be profitable or not and that you can use to track your progress. This section actually shows you how to run your business on paper to test it before you go online. Included is a profit and loss form made especially for internet business operations. It covers the gaps that are in the standard profit and loss forms that you generally find.

Website Planning Guide

A business may have many websites – especially if you use a multiple- streams of income approach – like many marketers do. Each website needs it own plan. This is a website planning guide that you can use for each.

Choosing Your Content Management System

About the various types of Content Management Systems

The WordPress CMS Is A Simple But Effective Sales System

A review of the flexible nature of the WordPress CMS and how you can use it to your benefit.

Using Amazon with the WordPress Content Management System

A money making site the easy way. A step by step guide to make a drop shipping site the easy way. This is really a recipe that takes you through the complete process of getting online. You do not have to have technical knowledge to follow this recipe.

Amazon Stores

Takes you through setting up an Amazon store – step by step. Also shows you what you have to do the set up the larger Amazon stores – often called Amazon sites.

Setting Up A Yahoo Store

A Yahoo store is a big business store for a small business owner. Use it to get in front of the millions of buyers that visit the Yahoo Shopping Network each day. This section shows you what to do.


Tools and resources for the internet entrepreneur.



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