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Drop Ship Manufacturers

Where Can I Get Information About Drop Ship Manufacturers?

At first blush, finding a drop ship manufacturer can be a little harder than you would expect.




For the most part, manufacturers produce products only to order. They do not maintain inventories. They make large batches of product to order so they generally do not drop ship.

But many do support drop shipping through special drop ship distributors with which they work.

Now how do you find these manufacturers and their special drop ship distributors.

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The fastest and easiest way to to use a drop ship directory.

The drop ship directories contain many thousands of listings for drop ship manufacturers and distributors.

Aside from the fact that you can use them to find suppliers, they are essential tools for you to use to check your competition and to check prices.

Most beginners avoid getting one. They instead invest in drop shipping programs. Whereas the successful recognise the importance of having a directory on hand for research and product selection.

A directory is a trade publication. Look at it that way. A drop shipping program uses the directory, buys and resells to you.

Cut out the middleman. Get a directory. These are covered in detail in our drop shipping course.

Another very effective way to find drop ship manufacturers is to go to trade and gift shows.

If you can attend a trade or gift show, by all means, do it! It will be one of the best ways to learn the business and how it works.

And you will make personal contact with the manufacturers.

Show attendance will take a some time. But the contacts and information you get are invaluable.

Now for someone just starting and doing market research, setting priorities is important.

Start with a directory. You will use it over and over.

And a directory will better prepare you when you do decide to go to a trade or gift show.

Directories and trade show attendance preparation are covered in other videos and the drop ship guide.


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