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Drop Ship Mini-Business

A drop ship mini-business is very narrowly focused business that dominates a niche market and one that that sells using the drop shipping models for order fulfillment.



If you are not familiar with mini-businesses and their advantages, there is more information at Mini Businesses Explained

You can see an Amazon drop ship mini-business at this link. Elliptical Trainer Machines

When you go to that page you will note that it has three income streams.

There are Google advertisements in the page that pay the website owner a percentage of the revenues when people click on the advertisements.

There are affiliate program links, all of which drop ship, for relevant affiliate programs that are in the navigation bar.

There is a selection of elliptical trainer machines that are available for sale using Amazon as the drop shipper.

The owner of the website as no inventory and does nothing more than promote the site. It is profitable.

The site was set up using the Amazon Formula. You will do well by yourself to look at it.

The site was set up with out any cash expenditure other than the payment of the monthly fee to the website host to make the website available on the Internet. And that monthly cost is $7.95 per month

The target income for that site is $5 per day. That is all.

The site is easy to set up using a procedure like The Drop Shipping Amazon Formula.

Because the hosting company allows unlimited domains to be hosted for the one $7.95 per month charge, its monthly cost is MUCH less than $10 per month. ( Example - Hosting 10 domains for means each domain costs only 79.5 CENTS per month).

The site took about two days to set up for a total out of pocket cost for the domain. $12.95 .

One new site per week is added to the network. Each site is targeted for $5 per day.

Content and reviews are created in three ways. Personal input, outsourcing and automatic article generation.

With multiple streams of income, if any one market changes, or the search engines move site position, changes in how much money is earned each month are minimized.

Most sites in this network earn more than the $5 per day target. Some significantly so.



Set up multiple streams of income using mini-businesses.

Start your drop shipping endeavors by setting up a mini business similar to, but with a different products, the elliptical training machines business. Elliptical Trainers

Use setting up that mini business as a learning process so you are well informed and don't jump in over your head as you go forward with other things.

If this is your first time trying this, it may be a bit of a struggle. But once you have the picture, it is easy and you can do it over and over.

If you would like, however, a step-by-step recipe to set up one of these mini businesses and would like to test drive it, free, to see if you like having your own business, then I recommend you get a free trial copy of the Drop Ship Guide that you find it this link. It contains all the details that we just can't send by email because of the volume. Once again you can get it on a free trial basis. Drop Ship Guide


Special Note For Drop Shippers

Article Wizard

Don't waste your time writing articles or reviews. Use a service like this.

Use your time setting up the sites. Let the program write the content for you.