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Drop Ship Suppliers

A list of drop ship suppliers and tips and hints on how to choose the best for you.

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Choosing A Supplier. - It is one thing to find a product. It is another thing to make sure that the supplier of that product can deliver what the supplier says it will deliver and that it will be delivered on time

You depend on that supplier for your reputation. And you depend on the supplier to be able to provide the product in sufficient quantities so that you can recover your investment in your business.

Don't get yourself caught in the position of having invested in a business without having thoroughly researched your product and assured yourself of a supplier that can deliver

Trade And Craft Shows - Trade and craft shows are a good place for you to find drop ship suppliers.

And you have the advantage when you meet them at one of those shows.

Suppliers go to trade and craft shows to find new customers. They want to sell you something. They want to talk to you.

When you go to trade or craft show you will be able to talk directly with the factory representative or distributor representative, see the product, feel its quality, get the pricing, and get a feel for what your competition will be.

You will be able to use the prices that you get from exhibitors and compare them to those that you find through the drop shipping directories.



But most important, you will be able to create a personal relationship with the people from the company that is going to supply you product and service. You will be able to discuss with them their supply routine, their order fulfillment process, their size, and all those other questions that you should ask of a supplier.

Local Suppliers - In your town there are small businesses that have the same needs as every other business. They need salespeople.

You can fill their need.

You have the ability to expand the reach of the small business in your town.

You own a company that is engaged in no risk selling products for other people.

It does promotion, marketing, selling, branding and business development.

And you get paid only if you sell something.

Many small businesses do not have the marketing capability that you have with a dedicated drop shipping business site online.

You can help them compete against the majors by broadcasting their message and advertising their products.

You can work a commission arrangement with them where you only have to sell and you get paid a percentage of their sales. They do all the shipping and customer service. Read more at Local Drop Ship Suppliers


Amazon is perhaps the largest drop ship supplier. It is reliable and the brand is trusted.

Many people have made their fortunes and retired using Amazon as their supplier.

If you are just starting out, you would do best to start here. And you can do it free. See The Amazon Formula.

Drop Shipping Programs

Seen by many as an easy way to start drop shipping, these generally end up leading people into very difficult competitive situations. You should approach these with caution. Do take the time to read about Drop Shipping Programs.

Drop Shipping Directories - In order to save you time, money and do your competitive analysis, I recommend that you invest in one or more of the drop shipping directories.

Yes, a drop ship directory costs money. But having one will help you get a full understanding of what is available and what the price structures are for the various products.

Drop shipping directories are critical, essential tools that you need to stay competitive in the drop shipping business.

The latest editions of the drop shipping directories should always be on your shelf.

Yes, it costs money to have a shelf with resource books. But you are in business and there are certain expenses that go along with it. And the cost of one or more drop shipping directories on your resource shelf is one of those expenses.

List of Drop Ship Directories and a Case Study On How To Use A Drop Ship Directory (This is a .pdf file. It will open on your computer. You will need the free adobe reader that you can get here.) Just save the file to your computer for later reference, if you wish.