drop ship guide

Off-line Sales And Drop Shipping Strategies


As someone who understands drop shipping, you can make arrangements with local stores, gift shops, factories and others to act as your dropships supplier. You can sell both online and off-line using their inventory, their investment, and their shipping.



There are oppotunities all around you.

One can safely say that most small shop owners are busy running their shops and are not web marketing experts. They may not have any ideas about how to go about it.

Your strategy is to offer to do web marketing for them. You put up a web site, sell and pay them. They ship the product for you.

All that you need is a blog. It can focus on your local market or more.

You attraction is that people search online but 2/3 prefer to buy locally. So you can online and work an arrangement where you get paid for customers you bring in offline. Do that with special coupon codes or incentives that give you credit for the sale.

You don't even have to go that far. You can just set up an autoresponder and run the online mailing program for local businesses.

This is big business for small business.

Start by reading something about it to get much more detail. Here is a source. There are more out there but this is a good