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Drop Shipping - Choosing Products To Sell

This page discusses how to choose products to sell on your website when you use drop shipping.



Many small companies use drop shipping because they do not have enough working capital to buy inventory. In such a case they join drop shipping programs and are offered products to sell that the drop ship distributor has market tested and knows, based on experience, will sell.

Using a drop shipping program with preselected products does not give the company a wide range of choices but it does give it a fighting chance because the products offered are most often market tested before they are put on line.

Others use a drop ship directory and get products directly from factories. It allows a company to choose products. It takes a bit more work to keep track of its product line and it does take work to ensure products are delivered.

Here is a directory with products that you can sell. It has a wide selection from which to choose. Drop Shipping Directory

If you choose products from a drop shipping directory or from a wholesale drop ship supplier that you found yourself, then it is very important that you choose the best online store program that you can. We recommend the Yahoo store that you get through Yahoo Small Business.

Here are two examples of Yahoo stores.

A2 Armory

Unique Handmade Gifts

And information about setting up a Yahoo Store is at Yahoo Store

If you are just interested in having a no hassle, online business that can make you a lot of money very fast, then go with an Amazon store. Here is just a partial list of the things that you can choose to sell in an Amazon store.


Auto Accessories, Cars, Car Rental Services, Business Services, Employment Services, Real Estate, Clothing For Men Women And Children, Jewelry, Computers, Electronics, Software, Home Decor, Garden Items, Books/Magazines, Music, Videos, Baby Items, Pet Supplies, Financial Services, Candy, Cigars, Wine, Gourmet Products, Games, Toys, Flowers, Gifts, Greeting Cards, Cosmetics, Medical Supplies, Art, Collectibles, Kitchen Items, Bed/Bath and Linen, Online Dating, Office Equipment and Supplies, Sports & Fitness Clothing and Equipment, Telecommunications, Travel Services

There are many, many more.

And to show you how some people have done it, here are two examples of Amazon Stores.

Old House Web

Catalog Store

And here is information about setting up an Amazon Store.