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A Drop Shipping Directory - The Best

This is a directory that contains pre-qualified Drop Shippers with over one million products available that you can sell on your Auctions or Web Sites, from Real Drop Ship Wholesale Suppliers. These Drop Shippers know they are in our Directory, and they have already agreed to work with Home Internet Businesses. They work directly with you; we do not get involved in your relationships with your suppliers. They will ship New, Brand Name products directly to your customers for you, one at a time; you never have to touch the products. Learn More



If you are interested in working directly with factories, and not through a drop shipping service provider, then one of the best things that you can do is to get the drop ship directory that we recommend above. It gives contact information to factories that supply products on drop ship basis.

The directories takes submissions from factories who contact them and indicate that they want to supply drop shippers. The Directory provides you information about the products and gives you contact information to the factories.

These directories provide you the opportunity to cut out the middleman, cut out any drop shipper services and to go in on your own. This is a good way for someone who is experienced in the drop shipping business and is also something that any drop shipper should look at, if for no other reason than to do market research.

Drop shippers use the directory recommended to look at what is available and to compare wholesale prices directly from the factory to the prices offered by the drop shipping program that they are considering entering.

When entering a drop shipping program you have to be very careful as to what price it is that you're really paying. You should understand that many of the drop shippers are in fact distributors who buy from the factories, using this drop ship directory and provide you the service of warehousing product and drop shipping it to your order. There are many problems with fulfillment houses that do this. Some of them charge of retail prices when you expect as a drop shipper to get something more close of wholesale.

To protect yourself and to find the largest source of drop shipping products wholesale, we recommend strongly that you look at this drop shipping directory and put in into your resource library. Once you have, you are likely to be very happy that you made the investment because you will find that there are many products in it that you will not find in any of the drop shipping services.

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