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Drop Shipping - Finding Products To Sell

There is no need to fret about finding products to sell. What is important is the competition.



As you move forward with doing your research and making your business plan, you will see that there are more products that can be drop shipped than you ever thought possible.

Almost anything can be drop shipped. It is just a matter of making an arrangement with a factory or distributor.

The problem that arises, of course, is how do you find that factory or distributor.

But before I launch off on finding products, let me make a comment. When you signed up for this course you had a particular purpose in mind.

You may have wanted to find products to drop ship on eBay. Or you may have come to this course just looking for a way to make money on the web. You may have no particular interest in drop shipping but you may be using it as part of your market research program to see what you can do.

You may have come here with a very definite purpose. You may be interested in selling Polish pottery and you may want to sell it using a drop shipping program. You may be interested in selling crystal or to a myriad of other products such as computer components.

In this section I will refer you to various sources of products. You will find a source that should satisfy any of the needs that I have mentioned above .

Drop Shipping On eBay

Starting a business that uses drop shipping on eBay takes up no particular preparation. It is just a matter of finding a source of products and listing them on eBay. This nothing particularly complex or demanding about the process. You don't need a website up, you don't need a domain, you can let amateurism show through and still make some money. All you do is list on the buy and sell.

If you're interested in eBay sales you can get products almost anywhere.

There is one drop shipper who was particularly focused on eBay. You can see that drop shipper by going to this link. Wholesale Marketer

Beyond eBay

Experienced web marketers recognize that eBay is a starting point and that it is a very effective mechanism to get customers to their other stores and offline shops. They use eBay to develop much more profitable businesses outside the eBay network.

In the remainder of this tutorial I will discuss the more profitable approach of using drop shipping for an online store or offline business.

As we go through this remember the drop shipping is nothing more than a method called Order fulfillment. It is not your goal. Your goal is to make money. And to make money you need products to sell.

Finding Products To Sell

Finding new products it is easy. New products are everywhere. In this lesson we will go through various sources that you can use to get products for your drop shipping program.

Drop shipping directories

Most people, when they first start drop shipping, think of drop shipping directories. Drop Shipping directories list hundreds of thousands of products that are available to be drop shipped. They come from thousands of factories around the world.

Drop Shipping directories are in an excellent investment for any drop shipper.

Drop Shipping directories have particular advantages.

First there are a large number of products from a large number of factories. Because you have a large selection of products you are able to pick products to fit your market in your price range.

Because a drop shipping directory provides you contact with many factories you can build a website or an online store that focuses on one particular product category. For example, you may choose to sell only crystal on your website. If you have a drop shipping directory you will be able to contact a large number of crystal manufacturers or crystal drop shippers who will be able to supply you with many different products for your website. In this way you can become an expert in the crystal business.

Because the owners of the drop shipping directories try to list only quality products and reliable drop shippers, you can be fairly well assured that the products that you order from many of these factories will be delivered and will be delivered as they as described. There are no guarantees, of course, but it is much better than working on your own.

I recommend strongly that if you are going to have a web site or online store that you get a drop shipping directory. And I recommend the one at this link. World Wide Brands

And there is a world beyond.

Affiliate programs

By and large the people who make the most money on the Internet are generally people who sell products that our drop shipped through affiliate programs.

You are very likely to have heard of Amazon.com

Amazon is a drop shipper. You put a link in your web site or promote a particular product or book. Someone orders through your Affiliate identification number, Amazon takes payment ships directly to the customer and you get paid.

I use the example of Amazon because most people know about. There are thousands of large retailers that sell everything from linen, to glass, to auto parts to computer electronics. If you think of a product there is probably a retailer that has an affiliate program to sell that particular product.

Using an affiliate program is an easy, cost effective way to start to drop shipping.

It is a simple matter of joining one or more Affiliate programs that sell the products that you want and adding those products to your website or online store. This allows you to make a very simple website that focuses on a particular product line.

All it you have to do to make sales after you've done that is to advertise the website.

Your total risk is your advertising budget.

Of course you will need a website but you can get those free. Here is a link website templates that you can use free. YYYYYY

And here is a link to a major affiliate program network where you can immediately have products to sell, free. Link Share

You are now in business. All that you have to do is promote your product and website. That is how simple it is and that is all that web marketers do.

But web marketers understand promotion and how to take a simple system such as I just recommended to you and promoted to make money. A lot of money!

Let me go back through that again.

Affiliate programs are used by people who make the most money on the web. If you have come to this course to learn about drop shipping to support your current business or selling on eBay that's one thing. But if you've come to this course with the intent of making money, and a lot of money, you should consider Affiliate Marketing.

I'm not trying to discourage you from drop shipping on eBay, but I am trying to point out that there are other ways to make money on the Internet.

As you go for doing your market research, you should perhaps invest in a couple books that give you good background information about affiliate system marketing.

One is a very popular book that is used by many people to make hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars per day on the Internet.

The other is one of our publications that gives you an a bit more refined approach to Affiliate system marketing and how people make money with affiliate programs by combining them with Google AdSense and AdWords group systems by going to this link.

I recommend strongly that you invest in one or both of these books if you are interested in making money on the Internet. You will find that the information you learn in these books you can used in any internet business that you ultimately decide to pursue.

End Notes

There are many products to drop ship. Your success in selling them will depend on the foundation that you set up for your drop shipping business and how well you plan your business strategy.

Don't ignore the planning aspect of your business. And as you do the planning, you must plan carefully because a full 95% of the people who start a business on the internet fail.

Making money on the internet is not hard, as long as you make a plan and follow that plan. And on the internet the process is very simple, BUT there are things that you have to know and have to understand and YOU HAVE TO DO!

There is more to it than joining a drop shipping program and selling something on eBay.