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Drop Shipping Methods - Effective And Cheap Ways

What is the best and cheapest method to start drop shipping? That has many answers. The answer depends on whom you are talking to.

But here is some help.

Step one is to understand that you can be online, drop shipping and making money in about two days for a total investment of less than $10 per month for a web site host.

Of course you can spend more money on drop shipping programs and big web sites, but savvy internet marketers keep drop shipping simple and keep it cheap.

Here are three basic systems used for cheap drop shipping.

The first and easiest of all uses Wordpress blogs to drop ship Amazon products. The Amazon Formula

The second is a bit more complex. It still relies on Amazon but there is more work involved. This is used by some very big marketers. You can really expand one of these. Here is a on video Setting Up An Amazon Mini Business

Start with this. The Amazon Formula It is about as low risk with good upside potential as it gets.


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