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Drop Shipping Mini Business

Use a drop shipping mini business to set up multiple streams of income and to get to the top of the search engines ahead of the competition.



What is a Mini Business? It is a small business that targets a niche market.

In other words, a mini business is a small, extremely focused computer-based money making venture. It is as small a business as you can imagine to be part of a major money making plan.

Successful entrepreneurs recognize that it is best to have multiple streams of income. It is better to have a number of small streams of income rather than one large one. And a mini business network creates multiple streams of income.

A mini business is typically designed to generate an income of $150 to $500 per week.

An individual mini-business operator may have hundreds operating at any one time. Those who hire copy writers may have tens operating.

Markets and people change. What is popular today and selling well may not be popular tomorrow and may not sell at all.

If you have many small streams of income and one of them goes to zero you still have money coming in. If you only have one source of income and you lose that, you may have a disaster on your hands.

Starting a mini business is very easy, All that you need is a website that is made up of only three to five pages at most. You do not need an online store. You do not need inventory.

Your website is made up of three to five pages of content that give detailed information about the product that you want to sell

Because the website is very focused in a niche market, it is easier to get that website into a good position in the search engines and to get the resulting free advertising.

Additionally, because you are not selling anything in the website you establish credibility as an expert on that topic. The end result is that when you make a referral out to a company selling your focused product, you can expect a fairly high sales conversion rate.

For instance you might start a mini business that sells toasting glasses. You create three to five pages of information about toasting glasses.

Visitors to your website learn everything that there is to know about toasting glasses and are referred out to people who sell those toasting glasses. And you are paid a commission for a sale on the referral.

Many mini businesses are built around the Amazon affiliate program. That is because of Amazon has such a huge selection of products and you can get paid a percentage on the sale of any of those products.

So for instance if you decide that you want make a mini business of toasting glasses, you can establish yourself as an expert on leaf blowers and make a website of three to five pages that will refer people to the Amazon to purchase leaf blowers.

Your target is to generate at least $500 a month. If you can generate more than that, that is fine. But if you get $500 per month from a 3 page web site that takes little more work than setting it up, you should be content in that you have a successful mini business.

To set up a mini business using Amazon is very easy. You can refer directly to Amazon or you can set up a free and very simple Amazon store. Information about how to do that can be found at Amazon Store And there is a video tutorial at Amazon Mini-Business Tutorial and The Amazon Formula

There are some free ebooks that cover mini business concepts and more that you might enjoy reading. They are excellent pieces and really should be in your library. You can find them at Clickin It Rich

And you will find a step-by-step procedure to set up mini businesses using drop shipping in the drop shipping guide that you find at this link Drop Ship Guide