drop ship guide

Drop Shipping Wholesalers and Suppliers

There are many sources of products that can be drop shipped. What you must do is choose the products and suppliers that suit your situation best. And you have to do the market research related to those products.




For Ebay This supplier specializes in providing products to be drop shipped on eBay. So if you are going to focus on eBay as a drop shipper, go here.

Factory Direct - This is a solid publication that you should have. Like a phone book, it should be on your desk.

Amazon Store You can be online and selling hundreds of things very quickly. One of the best sources of products that there is. Many people just starting in business do not realize how much

Local ProductsWhen you get online you will have a lot of competition. So you should niche market. Selling local products can help you establish a niche very quickly. Information about how you can find products and drop shippers locally.

It should be emphasized that you can have the greatest product in the world, have the greatest wholesale suppliers, have the greatest wholesale prices and the greatest web site in the world, but unless you get customers to your store, you will not make money. You have to get customers to your site and you have to get a lot of them.

It is not about your wholesale supplier or drop shipper. It is about getting customers.

To help you we have put up a special section on getting customers to your web site. It is probably the most important page that we have. You are heartily recommended to read it all. It is at Getting Customers