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Products To DropShip On eBay

This page gives you information about sources of products to drop ship on eBay.

One of the first issues you should consider is whether you should pay for the listings and let someone else, specifically an eBay affiliate, use you as a drop shipper. They make the money while you pay for the shipping, listing fees and worry about your rating.

It boils down to whether you want to take the eBay listing fee risk or let someone else take that risk. This is covered in detail at How To Really Make Money On eBay

If you wish to have your own listings on eBay, then you will do best to find products that are unique. And you have a high likelyhood of finding something unique in one of the drop ship directories.

Why is that?

Simply because it takes that extra step that many people are not willing to take. They are more content to go with free systems and end up selling the same things as everyone else.

Here are some directories where you can find products.

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World Wide Brands

This is perhaps the premier drop shipping directory. It has an extremely large collection of drop shippers, a lot of information about drop shipping and a large collection of wholesalers. It is not only from the dropshipper but anyone who is interested in finding products to sell.

Wholesale Pages

This directory started out focusing on companies in the United Kingdom. It has since expanded the number of listings. But if you are located in the UK this is a very important directory for you.

American Drop Shippers

This is totally focused on the US and is a very good choice for people who located in the US and who are interested in short shipping times.

The Dropship Guide List Of Drop Shippers

This list of drop shippers is a list that has been made up by the staff of the Drop Ship guide. These are drop shippers that they either use themselves in their own online business or that have been verified and recommended by other people in the drop shipping business.