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Drop Shipper Requirments For Success

What does it take to succeed as a Drop Shipper?

Most people think first about web sites, online stores and products that they will sell.



That is the easy part of your setup.

In short the technical aspects of finding products and setting up a business using drop shipping to fulfill orders are minimal. You can start with as little as a email signature. Or a free blog. Or Facebook and Twitter.

What is most important is to define your business.

The first thing to do in defining your business is to fully understand the full capabilities and limitations of Drop Shipping and how it is used.

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When you do that, you will start to see that your business is not drop shipping but marketing.

A drop shipping business is no different than any other business. The real business is marketing.

If you do not make this transition in your thinking, you will fail.

Don't be like the railroads. They failed because they were running railroads. They did not recognize that they were in the transportation and customer service business.

You are not running a drop shipping business. You are running a marketing and customer service business. Drop shipping is only a tool that allows you to focus on marketing and customer service.

You must constantly focus on customer service and marketing. Without customer service and marketing you have no business.

If you understand that, you will be far ahead of the competition. At least 90% of them will fail in the first year because they do not.

Marketing on the internet is simply a matter of learning and following some basic and well proven procedures.

The secret ingredient to laying out your own marketing plan is to take some time and read a few books that give you case studies and procedures. You can find some of those books in our navigation bar to the right.

In all, how well you succeed fixed during your days of preparation. Take your time, read books, look at case studies in those books and prepare.


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