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How Can I Find Products For Ebay Drop Shipping?

eBay is the greatest place for drop shippers. Why? Because it is a buyer's search engine.



People that come to eBay are interested in buying something. If you get your offer in front of an eBay visitor, you are putting your offer in front of a buyer.

There are some drop shipping wholesale suppliers that specifically target the eBay marketplace.

But do not limit yourself to them. There is a lot more that you can do on eBay than most people ever think about.

Selling digital products, such as ebooks and software, is huge business on eBay. For you to get products, it is just a matter of going to places like paydotcom and joining an affiliate program.

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What is particularly nice about selling electronic products is that you can set up multiple lines of income and have each line in full automatic. All that you have to do is renew your ebay listing every so often.

Beyond that, many times businesses local to your area have returns, one of a kinds, and samples left sitting on the shelves. You can negotiate a deal to act as their eBay trade assistant to unload the product. You sell it and they ship it.

Included in this category are pawn shops and second hand consignment shops.

And do not ignore local manufacturers who may have excess inventory from product overrun and product changes. This can be a goldmine for you. They need help getting rid of the extras.

Once you set up a relationship with someone like this, you have a nice personal relationship that should keep you fairly busy.

If these do not suit you, look to the drop ship directories or drop ship programs.


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