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Fulfillment House Information

This page is related to using a fulfillment house for drop shipping inventory that you own. Knowing how to use a fulfillment how is important. As your company grows you will definitely want to increase your profit margins. This information about a fulfillment house will help you understand how to do it.



Frequently Asked Questions About Order Fulfillment

What is Fulfillment?
How secure are my products?
Why is out sourced fulfillment beneficial to me?
How do my orders get to you?
How does my product get to you?
How secure is my/my customer's information?
What if I don't want all of the services?
What types of products do fulfillment houses handle?
What is the relationship between the fulfillment house and me?
How do my customers/I find out about order status? How do I know when to send more product to the fulfillment house?

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FAQ Answers

What is Fulfillment? - Fulfillment is a term used to describe a total back end order management and logistics solution from the time your customer clicks to submit an order through timely delivery of the product. Such a service is a total out sourced solution including order management, inventory fulfillment, call center, merchant services, customer service and more.

How secure are my products? - Once received, your products are generally kept in a secure facility with security guard, alarm systems, strict hiring standards and no tolerance for theft. Additional levels of security can be made available such as caging for high-value items if necessary.

Why is out sourced fulfillment beneficial to me? - You will find that the time and expense of fulfilling your own orders is much greater than out sourcing it. While someone else fulfill yours orders, you can focus on building market share, increasing sales, and marketing your products. You can spend your valuable time focusing on the things that you do best, while the fulfillment house focuses on getting the right products to your customers in a timely fashion thereby increasing customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Fulfillment houses offer scaleable solutions so you don't have to worry about how much warehouse space you need and you pay for only those services that you actually use. By sharing distribution and customer support services with other growing businesses, it minimizes your costs and expenses and allows you to focus on building your sales.

How do my orders get to a fulfillment house? - When you sign up for fulfillment services, the fulfillment service works with you to determine the best way for your orders to be transmitted to it. Depending upon your business and order capture means, it may be by email or other electronic means. In any event, you will be setup so that the orders are transmitted to us in the fastest, most efficient manner possible in a way that is transparent to your customers.

How does my product get to the fulfillment house? - You arrange to have your product(s) shipped to the distribution facility once you have signed up for the service. The products may come directly from you, from your manufacturer or product supplier, or a combination of sources. Upon receipt of the product, the fulfillmenthouses will provide a receiving report to you. You will arrange and pay for the product(s) to be shipped to the fulfillment house, and the fulfillment house will begin fulfilling orders for your customers as soon as the products arrive.

How secure is my/my customer's information? - You and your customers can access order tracking and shipping information through your Web site that is securely linked to a Web site and data. Information Management Tools include order, sales and inventory information that are kept on a secure, password-protected page on a Web site to which you have access to your information.

What if I don't want all services provided by a fulfillment house? - You select the Services that you need for your business. If you want nothing more than Fulfillment services to simply warehouse your products and fulfill your orders, then that is available. If you want to take advantage of other services such as Call Center Services, Merchant Account Services, or Value-Added Services then you may elect to do so. In any event, you choose what you need and then pay for only those services that you actually use!

What types of products are handled by fulfillment houses? - It is easier to tell you what types of products they don't handle. They generally do not accept firearms, alcoholic beverages, explosives, live animals, prescription drugs or other controlled substances, fireworks or other pyrotechnic devices or supplies, hazardous materials such as combustibles or corrosives, perishable items such as fresh food, or other regulated substances. Your products must be legal for sale in all states, provinces and countries from which you accept orders. If you have a question about a particular type of product, please contact us.

What is the relationship between a fulfillment house and me? - The fulfillment house provides outsourced services to you under the terms of a contract that you both sign when you elect to use their services. You own your inventory while it is in their warehouse and until your customers purchase it.

How do my customers/I find out about order status? - When an order is shipped, you and your customer are generally sent a notification that the product has shipped and how it has been shipped. You and your customer will receive an order reference number that you can use to track its status while it is being processed and after it has been shipped. You and your customer will be able to access order tracking and shipment information through your Web site. If you elect to use Call Center Services, your customer will be able to contact customer support by phone, email or fax to obtain order status information.

How do I know when to send more product to the fulfillment house? - When you sign up you generally gain access to a sophisticated order and warehouse management system. These systems allow providing you with inventory management information that is real time and accurate. This information will allow you to manage your inventory based upon your business rules and needs.

It is generally best to ship what you feel to be 2 to 3 months worth of each product/SKU that is offered for sale. The actual amount will be determined by the order history for each particular product/SKU at the time you sign up and can be adjusted based upon future order volumes. The fulfillment house will work with you in every way to ensure that the right amount of product is on hand to fulfill your customer's orders.