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How To Build A Yahoo Store For Drop Shipping

A Yahoo Store is one of the best things that you can use if you want to be a drop shipper. This page gives you information about how to build a Yahoo Store.



Choose a Yahoo store when you have specific products that you want to sell. (For example: Polish pottery, crystal, Christmas ornaments, jewelry, gifts and so on.) Choose it if you are selling products that you find in the Drop Shipping Directory, through local suppliers or through any other drop shipping program.

Yahoo Stores have many advantages over other stores. One advantage is that you do not need a web designer to make your store. The Yahoo Store system is simply set up and you do not have to know anything about web page design to have an excellent store on line.

There are many more advantages that, to save space, we will not list here. It is easier to refer you to a page that gives you that information. The information is at Online Stores

Setting up the store is done through the Yahoo Merchant Solutions.

When you sign up for a Yahoo Store, you get a free domain name. That is a great advantage for you because Yahoo submits your store to the major search engines under that store name. When we set our store up, it took only two days for us to be fully listed in Google.

As experienced as we are with the internet and drop shipping, we chose to use the Yahoo Store Profits book that we referred to above. It is detailed and with it come some very good videos that we use for training our staff. That is not to say, however, that we don't use them ourselves.

A standard Yahoo store will cost you about $40 per month for web site hosting, email services, a complete shop cart system, an excellent order processing system and many more features. You can have all that for a year for less than it would cost you to pay a web site designer to get started on a store for you. And just a shopping cart will often cost more. A YAHOO STORE IS A BARGAIN. JUMP AT IT!

Save whatever money you have for promotion. You can make more than the monthly cost of the store if you do a little promotion. And you can do a lot of that free. Some information about free promotion is in our page about Getting Customers


How To Start

Review the information Yahoo provides about their store. Start with the standard store. You don't need anything more now. Review it here. Yahoo Merchant Solutions

Do consider strongly the Yahoo Store Profits book. Just the section on promotion and advertising is worth the cost. Get it here. Yahoo Store Profits

And read the section on getting customers to your store at Getting Customers To Your Store