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How To Drop Ship Jewelry

This page helps you get started drop shipping jewelry.



For a home business, one of the easiest and most lucrative it drop shipping jewelry. There is always a market for unique pieces of high quality jewelry. And when you drop ship unique pieces of high quality jewelry you will be dealing with clients who are willing to pay good prices for quality jewelry.

When you work with a reliable source, you will find that drop shipping jewelry has a back end benefit. You will have satisfied customers who will come back to you for new pieces of jewelry. This enables you to build an every expanding client base and an ever expanding income from drop shipping jewelry.

You can also be a drop shipper yourself by being the supplier to other people who want to drop ship jewelry.


Tips, procedures and Jewelry to drop ship profitably.

Drop ship only quality products. Regardless of the season and regardless of the state of the economy, there is always room for quality. And people who buy unique, high quality pieces generally are repeat buyers.

Before you start, get samples and be sure of the quality of the product that you want to sell. Know your product. You don't want to get trapped into selling junk. And if you believe in your product, you can write better descriptions.

Order at least one piece from the drop shipper and check the service. This is the same service that your clients will see from you. Test before you jump. Be sure.

Make a web site that you can change easily so that you can keep it loaded with unique pieces that will turn over well. Make a simple, low cost site that you can change yourself without having to constantly go to a web designer for help. An online store is easily set up and changed. You may need some help getting it on line, but once you do, you can added, delete and change inventory very easily without the need of a web designer.

Drop ship higher priced pieces. You will make more money per sale. And you will sell more because the shipping cost does not affect the end cost to the consumer as much. In fact, with higher priced pieces, you can offer free shipping and still make a good profit.

Keep an offline presence and publicize it. Let people know you exist. Keep some samples available. Even if you work from your home, you can have samples available. If you do not want visitors to your home, meet them at a convenient place and show them the samples. But have samples and some off line presence. Just publishing the fact that people can visit you will increase your sales - and most of the people will never visit you anyway.


Jewelry That You Can Drop Ship

There are many sources of jewelry for drop shippers. Here is a listing of a few good places to look:

The first place to look is in the drop ship directory that lists many sources. Information about that directory is at Drop Ship Directory

Amazon is always a good choice. Drop ship it using the Amazon affiliate program. Here is how it is done . The Amazon Formula.