drop ship guide

How To Use Dropshippers

This page discusses how you should use drop shippers. It gets into some specifics and some generalities plus it refers you to more information so that you can efficiently and properly use drop shippers.

First a warning. Do not use more than one dropshipper per site or ecommerce store.. We have a complete page on this problem in that is one of the more significant mistakes that people make when they set up e-commerce stores. Read Multiple Drop Ship Suppliers



If you want a detailed overview of how one professional marketer, and publisher of a drop shipping directory for that matter, chooses a product and uses drop shippers, go to this site which is What Should I Sell On My Website. It will give you excellent background information. And once you read that you will understand the full process of product selection and the use of dropshippers.

Do note that you can use drop shippers in many ways.

Some people use drop shipping programs. You are cautioned about drop shipping programs. It's not the product that is important, it is the competition. You will be selling the same product as many other people will. It makes it very difficult. Read Drop Shipping Programs

Using a manufacturer or distributor as your dropship supplier is an alternative. But you have to do research to find the right one. You have to make sure that you getting good pricing and you have to make sure that you are competitive. Once again if you've read the paper above, What Should I Sell On My Website, you'll understand his selection process.

One of the often and most overlooked dropship sources is your local supplier. People in your town city region have retail shops and they know nothing about Web marketing. These people can ship for you. All that you have to do is come to an arrangement with them where you will put up a website and you will sell and they will ship. This is no inventory selling. You don't have to pay for a fulfillment house. See Local Drop Ship Suppliers.

You can also buy your own product and use a fulfillment house. This is a little bit advanced for most people who are just starting out. But in any case you can read about fulfillment houses here.