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Multiple Drop Ship Suppliers

You should only be using ONE Drop Shipper per web site. If you use multiple Drop Ship suppliers on your web site, you run the very real risk of your Customers ordering products from different Drop Shippers in the same order.



The danger here is that since your Customer's products are coming from different Drop Ship wholesalers, you will be charged for shipping several times over. And hence, make a loss on the sale.

A mistake generally made along with this one is to try to sell too many products from one web site. That may not be a problem if you are showing what you have in your gift shop. But do not expect good search engine position for any product. You can probably get good search engine position for your gift shop name but not for the products.

There are solutions to selling different products.

checkSet up a product blog for each product.

Use a product blog to get search engine postion for a product. Then link that product blog back to your gift shop or main site.

checkUse a drop shipper such as Amazon.

You can sell anything they have. Amazon sites are generally very successful. But start with the Amazon formula.

checkHow to use the solutions discussed above is covered step by step in the Drop Ship Guide.