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Online Drop Shipping eCommerce Store Operation

There are some very basic things about online ecommerce store operations that most people miss. And they are discussed here.



There are two thoughts that you should keep constantly in the forefront of your mind.

First you can not compete with the megastores unless you have a lot of money. And since you're probably considering drop shipping because you don't have a lot of money, don't try to set up a megastore.

Second, hold down the costs of your e-commerce store and website. Save all your money for promotion. And spend it on promotion.

First let us talk about the cost of your website and then we will get into product selection for your website.

Savvy Internet marketers generally use two types of websites for their e-commerce stores.

They use the e-commerce store provided by Yahoo merchant solutions and put a focused e-commerce store in the Yahoo shopping network. SeeYahoo Shopping Network And Yahoo Merchant Solutions

And if they are not going to go into the Yahoo shopping network, they use a free WordPress blog.

Regardless of the type of website that they choose, they recognize that their main concern is the competition and not the product that they choose.

They choose a product to avoid the competition. What Should I Sell On My Website

They do not use drop shipping programs because there are all sorts of people who are members of the drop shipping programs and all these people are selling the same thing.

They choose a niche product or a single product and sell that product through a blog or tightly focused Yahoo store. They do not look for big money for each store. Theyl set up a series of stores focusing on a single product thereby setting up multiple streams of income.

So for example, say that you want to sell electronics. Do not list a whole series of electronics in your website. Take a particular product, put it in a blog focused on that product, write product reviews in that blog and write articles that you submit to the article directories.

My targeting a tightly focused product or niche you are able to get good search engine position and that will drive traffic to your store.

If you try to list a whole series of electronics products in one site, you are effectively setting up a megastore and you will sell nothing because the big boys will out promote you and thereby outsell you. They will bury you in the search engines.

In summary, if you're just starting out, set up a single product WordPress blog and promote that product. Once you get that product promoted, set up a second blog with a second product and promote that one. See How To Set Up A Blog

Continue this operation until you establish enough streams of income to provide you the monthly income that you want.