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Starting A Drop Shipping Business

There are three things that you need in order to start and succeed at a business using drop shipping. They are product, an Online Store and customers. Each is a challenge.

This page discusses how you approach these challenges


Products To Drop Ship - Basic to selling something, of courses, is to have something to sell. Finding that something is the least of your problems in getting a business started. If you don't yet have your product selected, there is information that might be helpful at Drop Shipping Products.

An Online Store. - There are on-line stores that you can buy or rent all over the Internet. In this course we will recommend a couple because they are the ones that we have seen people use very successfully . If you would like to look beyond our recommendations, a complete list of stores is at Online Stores

Customers. - Regardless of how good your product is and how good your store is, if you don't have customers you are not going to sell anything. We will give you some basic information about selling and promoting your site in this course of recommend strongly that you look at the information that you find at this link getting customers for your store. Getting Customers.


Choosing A Store

For the purposes of this page, we are going to assume for now that you have in mind a product that you would like to get set up to sell.

There are two basic ways to go.

If you have decided that you are interested in selling a particular product such as Polish pottery, crystal, glass, or anything else that you get directly from a supplier, we recommend strongly that you use a Yahoo store.

There is detailed information about a Yahoo store and why you should use it at Your Yahoo Store

If you would like to sell a larger variety of products, then you might consider the largest drop ship supplier in the world. That supplier is generally avoided by newly starting businesses simply because of a lack of knowledge about how to use it. That drop ship supplier is Amazon.

Amazon drop ships such things as:

Auto Accessories, Cars, Car Rental Services, Business Services, Employment Services, Real Estate, Clothing For Men Women And Children, Jewelry, Computers, Electronics, Software, Home Decor, Garden Items, Books/Magazines, Music, Videos, Baby Items, Pet Supplies, Financial Services, Candy, Cigars, Wine, Gourmet Products, Games, Toys, Flowers, Gifts, Greeting Cards, Cosmetics, Medical Supplies, Art, Collectibles, Kitchen Items, Bed/Bath and Linen, Online Dating, Office Equipment and Supplies, Sports & Fitness Clothing and Equipment, Telecommunications, Travel Services

Savvy Internet marketers know how to use Amazon to make a lot of money. For example, here is a drop shipping business that has Amazon drop ship its products. Old House

This business yields profits in the middle five figures per month and has no staff. It outsources all work related to the web site's maintenance. It is a cash cow. It is a drop shippers dream.

The guy started small and grew slowly at first. Once established, his income grew rapidly. You can do the same thing!

That dream site is not one of kind. There are thousands of "Amazon sites" out there.

When you first getting started, your Amazon store does not have to be that complex. You can set up a simple one very quickly and very easily.

You can make an Amazon store as simple or as complex as you wish. Here is a very simple Amazon drop shipping store that is used to sell web cameras from a link in a web page that discusses web cameras. Web Cameras

And here's another one that is used to sell, among other things, cookbooks from recipe pages. Top Products Catalog

You can make simple stores like those above are actually sideline income generators for existing sites. You can set one up in a few minutes and add it to your existing web site at strategic locations and make some easy extra money.

There is more information about creating an Amazon store at Amazon Store.

And there is complete information about starting a drop shipping businessess at Drop Shipping Guide