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Top Ten Drop Shipping Mistakes

Learn from others peoples' failures as well as their success stories. Here is a list of the top ten mistakes made by drop shippers.

Solutions to each of these problems can be found in the references below and in other pages in this web site. Our purpose here is to alert you to the problems so that you know what they are. We will help you solve them one by one.


Mistake #1 - Not Knowing Where Or How To Get The Best Price For Products

The wholesale price of single Drop Shipped items is higher than buying many at one time. This is because the Drop Shipper does most of the work for you (packing, shipping, etc.) and charges for that extra work. You need to learn how to price Drop Shipped products competitively in the right markets; otherwise you won't make any sales.

Mistake #2 - Not Knowing What Market To Target

Success lies in focus and niche marketing. You have to find a market where you will not have as much competition. If you don't you will not get good search engine position Finding such markets takes a bit of time if you do it manually. But it can be, and is, done. You can use some tools that automate the process.

Mistake #3 - Substituting Technology For Marketing

An expensive and complex web site does not offset the need for marketing. Money and time should not be thrown at web site design and technology but rather at marketing.

Mistake #4 - Paying To Much For Ecommerce Hosting

Web hosting costs are disarmingly cheap. But once again people throw money at hosting instead of marketing. Hosting costs are simply a drain on profits and can make the difference in whether a store is profitable or not.

Mistake #5 - Trying To Sell Everything In One Store

Focused stores get better search engine position and are more attractive to buyers than megastores. Smaller, focused stores are easier to promote, easier to brand and easier for customers to use.

Mistake #6 - Starting Out Too Big Too Fast

There is learning curve associated with anything you do. Starting out with a simple project and promoting that gives you the opportunity to learn without taxing your time or your budget. Start small and grow as you learn the ropes.

Mistake #7 - Getting Caught In A Sales Funnel

Marketers know how to work you step by step through special offers and upgrades until you end up with a very expensive store and high maintenance costs. Avoid this by knowing what your costs should be before you start spending money.

Mistake #8 - Not Following Up With Customers

Most money is made on sales to existing customers. Once you sell someone, you have someone who trusts you and who is likely to buy again. You have to set up your system to keep in touch with these people.

Mistake #9 - Using More Than One Drop Shipper Per Web Site

You should only be using ONE Drop Shipper per web site. If you use multiple Drop Ship suppliers on your web site, you run the very real risk of your Customers ordering products from different Drop Shippers in the same order. The danger here is that since your Customer's products are coming from different Drop Ship wholesalers, you will be charged for shipping several times over. And hence, make a loss on the sale.

Mistake #10 - Assuming That Drop Shipping Someone Else's Inventory Is A Permanent Solution.

Drop Shipping someone else's inventory is a low cost ENTRY POINT into a successful online business, but is not meant to be a permanent solution. Most people don't realize this, and don't use Drop Shipping correctly in order to advance their business to more profitable stages.



The following links take you to reading materials that provide solutions to the problems noted above.


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For eCommerce Stores - Yahoo Profits

If you are considering an ecommerce store, this book is a best selling classic. It is essential reading if you are considering an ecommerce store. It will save you more in time and money than its cost. Plus it has a lot on marketing that will make a big difference for you. Get this one. It has a money back guarantee. Read it and use it for 60 days. If you do not like it, keep it and get your money back.


The Drop Ship Guide

A complete step by step guide to setting up drop shipping businesses. Background for understanding, text for notes and videos to reinforce what you have learned. Get more information about it at this link.


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