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How Can I Contact Wholesale Drop Ship Companies?

The fastest and simplest way to contact wholesale drop ship companis is to use one of the drop ship directories.



You will find a large selection of companies that offer to drop ship products for you and charge you wholesale prices in the process.

The drop ship directories are basic market research tools that you will need eventually. So it is best to get one early on and save time.

The directories are good because the companies in them are really looking for drop shippers. They will be very receptive to your inquiry, even if you are in the early stages of doing market research.

Also go to trade and gift shows.

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Companies in attendance there are generally wholesalers and manufacturers. They paid a lot of money to rent space and set up their displays. They want to make contacts and find people to sell their products. They often offer wholesale dropship opportunities to small companies.

You will be very welcome to talk with them.

But be prepared. Make sure you have your marketing plan laid out and be ready to tell them what you have to offer them.

In short, for best results, you must look prepared and professional.

You can also do it by researching the web and emailing suppliers that interest you.

This is tedious and not that productive because companies get thousands of requests for wholesale drop shipping from people just kicking tires. For best results, be sure to have your website online before you contact them.

What is my best recommendation? Start with a drop ship directory. You will need one eventually to do competitive research.

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