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Where Can I Find Wholesale Drop Ship Suppliers?

You can find drop ship suppliers all around you. They are literally everywhere.



If you have taken our Free Drop Shipping Course, you should fully understand that your drop shipping business is really a marketing business. And you know how to use this to you advantage.

By way of review, let's look at it again.

You find customers and the wholesale drop ship supplier takes it from there. It picks, packs and ships.

You are one of their marketing agents. They are the product warehousing and shipping agents.

Now what does every company want? They want people marketing for them.

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Companies want you to sell for them.

So they look for you at trade shows, gift shows, by adding their information to wholesale drop shipping supplier directories, chambers of commerce and trade directories.

You in turn look for them in those places.

But beyond that, you can find them by contacting fulfillment houses, local businesses (such as you local gift shop) TV sales networks, eBay classifieds, Amazon and the like.

So how do you go about contacting them?

The easiest way is to get one of the drop ship directories. If you are not completely familiar with them and how to use them properly, we discuss them in our free Drop Shipping Course.

Trade and Gift shows take a little more preparation because you want to look professional. And you have to be ready to show what you can do for the supplier.

But that is not hard. All that you really have to have done is the necessary prepartion to run a drop shipping business.

They are a product supplier that is looking for a markeing business. You are a marketing business looking for a product supplier.

If you look ready, you have a deal.

There are, of course, drop shipping programs that could care whether you are prepared or not. As long as you pay their fee, they give you access to product.

I guess what I am saying that wholesale drop ship suppliers are all around you. Just pick a direction and go.

And what is my best recommendation, start with a drop ship directory. I cover those in another video.


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