drop ship guide

Wholesale Drop Shipping Strategies

Wholesale drop shipping is big business and is something that you should consider when making a long-term growth plan.



There are many opportunities for you to work as a wholesaler who provides products for people who do not have the money or the inclination to get involved in importing.

This strategy is for you to work with a fulfillment house so that they do the inventory maintenance and shipping for you and you do nothing more than promotion and providing inventory.

Yout strategy is to promote yourself to the many eBay sellers and other small website owners who want unique products to sell. You have them put up websites, sell the product and you will ship for them.

In effect, you will act as the drop ship program for them.

This is a great way to develop a sales force that will sell your products.

You can even charge a monthly fee for access to your product line.

Think about that. People pay you a monthly fee for the opportunity to sell your product's. They are effectively paying you a monthly fee for the opportunity to have a job in which they make an investment in websites, advertising and time. They take the risk and do the work. You handle the inventory and get your profits.

Process is really quite simple.

It is a matter of finding a fulfillment house with which you can work. That is a matter of a web search.

Then find a product that you think is in demand and test market that product after making a small order of inventory.

Once you are convinced that that particular product will move, then stock enough that you can be a reliable supplier.

Set up a blog that offers your services and promote the blog.